• Please take note that due to regulations for paid traineeships in Germany we can only accept students that are enrolled at their university for the whole period of the summerstudent programme.
  • Applicants should have completed, by the summer of 2019, at least three years of full-time studies at university level in physics or related natural science disciplines. The main target audiences are students who in summer 2019 are at the following two stages:
    - they are about to obtain their Bachelor degree
    - they have a Bachelor degree and are within the first year of studies for a Master degree.
    Applicants who already obtained a master-degree or will obtain the master degree in 2019 are not accepted.
  • Applicants should not have previously been at DESY as a summer student
Please note that all applicants should have a good working knowledge of English, some basic computing skills and are committed to attend the whole programme.

Duration and dates: The Summer student programme takes place from July 16 to September 5 2019. The students are expected to stay for the full period.

Allowances: DESY Summer Students will be paid a subsistence allowance to cover living expenses for a single person.
Travel expenses:Travel expenses will be subsidized.