News 31th January: The application will remain open until (including) 2th February 2018.
Please read all the text below before proceeding to the online application
at the bottom.

Dear Applicants!

  • Please, before applying, read carefully the conditions and make sure that you fulfil the qualifications. Please proceed to the application only, if you accept the conditions. This includes, that you will participate in the program for the full period of time. In case of questions, please contact

  • Please look through the activities and identify your preferred areas. You can choose three areas in order of priority later in your application form. (Note, that you can choose either from A1-A6 or from B1-B6, not a mixture of both!)

    Documents to be uploaded:
    In the course of this application you will have to upload a few documents. The uploading is to be done on the second page
    of the application All documents are preferably in pdf format.
      - a CV (curriculum vitae), the CV should be in tabular form only and contain personal data, educational history / relevant work experience, computing and other relevant work skills (usually one or two pages are sufficient for the complete CV).
      - University grade certificates (e.g. bachelor certificate, credit points, etc.).

  • International Applicants from Non-EU and Non-EEA Countries and from Croatia need a working permission for Germany and are requested to upload two further documents:
    1. The following Certificate of Enrollment has to be filled in and stamped and signed by your university:
    Certificate Of Enrollment
         It is very important that the whole period of the summer student program is covered and that you use this form.
         Therefore, please state that your studies began before July 1st, 2018 and will continue at least until the 1st of October 2018.
         A filled example can be found here
    2. A copy of your valid passport in English language.
    You will be asked to upload both documents on the second page of the application form.
    The original Certificate of Enrollment has to be sent out to DESY after we have made the selection and you have received the email telling you that you have been accepted to the program. Please send it via courier to:
              DESY Summerstudent Programme
              Notkestraße 85
              D-22607 Hamburg

    If any of the documents required to be uploaded are missing your application cannot be considered.

    Two reference letters:
  • Please note that you need to ask your two referees for their permission before giving their names and email
    addresses in this online form. The referees will get an automatic email notification with instructions where to upload their reference letters.

  • At the end of the online application procedure, you will be asked to confirm the correctness of the data you entered.
    Your data will be electronically saved for 6 month and processed for the purposes of this summer students application procedure only.

  • If you have any questions please write to

    If you have read and understood the above, please proceed here to the application.