FAQ - Working Permission and Visa

1. Do I need a working permission for Germany?

If you come from a country which is not a member of the EU* or the EEA (European Economic Area) you will need a working permission for Germany.
*Please note: If you are a citizen of Croatia you also need a working permission. As Croatia entered the EU only in 2013 it will be necessary for the next seven years.

2. What do I have to do to obtain a working permission for Germany?

There are two papers needed to obtain a working permission for Germany:
A) A filled in, signed and stamped Certificate of Enrollment. It has to be the special form provided by the ZAV (central working agency in Bonn) as they will not accept any other paper. You find it for downloading on the application web page.
Please, take care that you will be an enrolled student for the WHOLE period of the summer student program. Also the certificate has to be signed and stamped by an authorized person at your university. (see sample)
This form has to be sent as Original via courier to the
       Summer Student Program
       Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY
       Notkestraße 85
       22607 Hamburg
B) A copy of a passport in English language which has to be valid for the whole period of the program. Please send it as attachment to summie-org@desy.de

It is very important that you follow these regulations very strictly as they are not negotiable. The ZAV (central working agency) insists on papers exactly in the manner described above as this is German law and the procedure is compulsory for anybody applying for a working permission. It is essential to send the papers until the stated deadline (31st of January). If not you are risking your participation in the SSP as the process takes some time.

3. What do I need to do once the papers are at DESY?

As soon as all the documents are at hand all of them will be forwarded together to the ZAV authority in Bonn. How long the procedure takes until we receive the working permission from there cannot be predicted – but at least four weeks.

4. What has to be done in order to gain a visa for Germany?

The first step is to apply for a working permission as described above (questions 1-3). Additionally you will receive an official invitation prepared by the DESY International Office. These two papers you need to present in the German embassy in order to get a visa. They will be sent to you from DESY via courier. In addition, you need to bring a copy of the medical insurance policy, which has to be handed in at the embassy as well.
Please, arrange for a date ONLY when you have these papers at hand.

5. What kind of information do I have to forward for receiving my visa papers?

To ensure a smooth and fast forwarding of the visa papers we need your current address and a mobile number for the courier service to deliver the envelope. Please, send the information to summie-org@desy.de once you will have been selected and accepted your attendance in the program.