Application for work projects

Dear Applicants!
  • Please, before applying, read carefully who can apply for work projects and make sure that you fulfil the conditions.
  • Please look through the list of work projects and identify your preferred ones. You can choose later in the online aplication form up to three projects (1., 2. and 3. preference).
  • If you are residing in Germany you can apply for on-site projects or the on-site part of a Tandem project. In that case it is also possible to apply both for the online and the on-site part of a Tandem project (e.g. by choosing the on-site part project as 1. preference and the online part as 2. preference).
  • If you are residing outside Germany you can only apply for pure online projects or the online part of a Tandem project.

  • Document to be uploaded: In the course of this application you will have to upload
    one document (only PDF format is accepted). The uploading is to be done on the second page of the application. This document should contain:
    • a CV (curriculum vitae), the CV should be in tabular form only and contain personal data, educational history / relevant work experience, computing and other relevant work skills (usually 1-2 pages are sufficient for the complete CV).
    • University grade certificates (e.g. bachelor certificate, credit points, etc.).

  • Two reference letters: You need to ask two persons for providing reference letters for you. Please ask them for their permission before giving their names and email addresses in the online form. The referees will get an automated email notification with instructions where to upload their reference letters.
  • At the end of the online application procedure, you will be asked to confirm the correctness of the data you entered. Your data will be electronically saved for 6 months and processed for the purposes of this summer students application procedure only.
  • In case you have questions please write to Depending on the number of emails we receive it might take a while until we get back to you.

During the period 5th - 31th March 2021, a link will be available here to the online application mask.