FAQ - Hostel Accomodation

Do the summer students have to pay for the Hostel accommodation?

Yes, the summer students have to pay for the accommodation in the Hostel.
However, the rooms in the Hostel (single or double rooms) will be offered at reduced rates.

Are the rooms furnished? What do i have to bring?

The room is furnished. You will find a bed (with blankets, bedsheets, towels), a desk, chair,...

How do I get the keys to my hostel room?

The DESY gate keepers can help you.. during the opening hours of the hostel service they will guide you to the service offices.. any other time of the day or night they will hand you the keys.

Who may stay in the DESY Hostel?

The DESY Hostel is meant for guests of DESY who come for short periods of work within DESY groups or at the DESY facilities and for meetings and conferences.

The DESY Hostel cannot house family or friends of guests or students. It is meant solely for people working at DESY.