Important Information and Actions Required for selected On-site Summer Students 2022

Dear students selected for on-site projects,

we look forward to welcoming you at DESY this summer!
Here is some information on matters which are imminent now. These require some action and concern accommodation and administration. Please read the following carefully and take the requested actions.

  • The DESY summer student programme 2022 starts July 19 (at ~10am) and ends September 8 (at ~4pm). We suggest that you arrive at DESY during July 18 and leave during September 9. Please arrange your DESY hostel (or other) accommodation booking accordingly. Please take note that one can enter or exit the DESY site 24 hours a day.

Administrative procedures:

  • Payment:The questionnaire below asks for the information needed for salary payment. DESY will pay 1200,-Euros per month (if you live in Hamburg or in the Hamburg area - Grossraum Hamburg - you receive 850 Euros per month, same applies to Berlin/Zeuthen). The Information sheet for students studying in Germany (here) and abroad (here) gives more details on the modalities.
  • Questionnaire: Please fill the questionnaire and send it back as an email attachment to and bring the original with you to DESY in July. Students studying in Germany should use the Fragebogen, students studying abroad use the Questionnaire.
  • Insurance:Please take note: German law demands that you must have medical insurance for your stay at DESY. For students coming from abroad, information is collected by the International Office here: medical insurance, and liability insurance.
  • Certificate of enrollment: This is only relevant for non-german students. It is requested that foreign students must provide DESY with a certificate proving they are bona fide students. This certificate has to cover the full period of the Summer Student Program. An international student card is not sufficient.
    For EU/EFTA students: Please fill in the Certificate of Enrollment for EU/EFTA students and send it back as an email attachment to and bring the original with you in July.
    For non EU/EFTA students:
    Please fill in the Certificate of Enrollment for non EU/EFTA students and send it back as an email attachment to Please take note that the certificate is needed so that DESY can request and obtain a work permit for you from the so-called ZAV office. Only after the work permit is obtained, DESY will send you an official invitation which in turn allows you to request Visa.
  • Visa requirements : This is relevant only for non EU/EFTA students. For the procedure to obtain visa (that can only be started after the step just described above) please refer to the information from the International Office here.

Accomodation at DESY:

Concerning accommodation at DESY Hamburg there are the following options:
1) Place in the DESY hostel. Please, make a reservation as indicated in Hostel Information directly to the Hostel service ( The deadline for this is June 23rd, 2022.
2) You can of course choose a private accommodation.
For all questions regarding DESY Hostel accomodation, please ask directly the hostel service. For other questions, please contact

Concerning accomodation in Zeuthen you find information here.

Travel Cost Reimbursement:

DESY will reimburse at least a part of your travel costs, for details
see travel cost reimbursement.
The reimbursement will take place within the first days after your arrival at DESY, further details will be announced in due time.

Rules for how to use the DESY IT Environment

At DESY you will have access to a highly professional computing environment which you can use for your scientific work project. Please find here a list of rules that have to be obeyed.

Administrative information for students participating in Remote projects:

Students working on remote projects can relax, none of the above administrative procedures is relevant for them, they can focus on the work projects (all information to be provided by the project supervisors), the lecture program and other common events to be announced in July.